Friday, July 23, 2004


I do have to respond the criticism of silly ass doomsday prognostications, to wit: even if we are just going through some "millenial" changes, the conditions present on the planet at this time, and the problems these conditons create and are continuing to create are verifiable data. "Silly Ass" is not a definite enough term to be proved or disproved. As the man said, "you cannot refute a sneer." The Call to Action that I mentioned is to provide help to people of limited means to make the millenial adjustments. The people putting out the call are people who are taking the past, present and possible future conditions into account and who are also knowledgeable about the alternatives. According to the best information I've seen, there is no way hemp is going to replace oil, (unless you are smoking the hemp when you look at the facts. In that case all bets are off anyway) neither will wind power, and neither will photo-electric, nor can hydrogen. And all for various reasons but basically because nothing provides the versatility or the energy reserves present in oil when it is avaiable in the billions of barrels range. The simple facts are that we, born and raised and taught in the Taker culture, are wealthy beyond belief due to the fact we are spending all the reserves of 'ancient sunlight' as Thom Hartmann called it in his book. Thom presented the distressing facts and went on to talk about how to survive the coming problems/millenial changes/doomsday etc. That's what Doug Pfieffer (a geologist) is talking about, that's what I was talking about. But unless some gigantic miracles occur (they were in short supply the last I looked) the odds of survival do not look good for about or at least six billion of the seven billion people on this planet or who are being born at ever increasing rates. We only have this population, and the concomitant problems (expanding deserts, 300 missing feet of topsoil, toxic pollution, increased carbon dioxide, starvation, wars, etc) because we have been living increasingly, since 1851, on the reserves of carbon stored under the earth in the form of crude oil and natural gas. As D. Quinn has pointed out, when the enormous food supply runs out, as it will when the oil runs out since it is grown in an oil based system, population reduction is inevitable. A Big part of the problem with the alternative energies is that none of the big players are paying attention to them. They are not chicken littles as much as ostriches hiding their heads in the sand instead of facing facts. Observable verifiable facts tell us that the condition for most of the world's population is diminishing swiftly and inexorably, and UNLESS we take a good hard look at the FACTS and read and absorb the story behind the story behind the stories we're fed then we cannot plan effectively for our children and their children and their children. I did not say Nature was going to die. No one said it was the end of the world. It's just going to be the end of most of the human population. Nature will continue of course, just without most of us because there are too many people. That's it and it's the truth. If you think that's silly ass talk, I suggest you go study some modern geology, read the industry's own books. Geologists have known for at least forty years, and have been telling us, that the supply of oil (easily, cheaply available that is) is finite. There will always be oil, but it will not be available at the cheap price, and in the quantities necessary to sustain the six or seven billion people now on the earth or who are coming shortly. Our whole way of life, houses, roads, stores, machines, computers, clothes, books, food and especially the current supply of food, is ALL dependent on cheap and expanding demands for OIL and nothing else. People who do not have their heads in the sand, or who are not playing 'new age' games have looked at all the alternatives, and have been llooking for years. There is NOTHING that can replace the energy equivalent of oil which is literally stored carbon energy. Oil stores it so efficiently that we have been able to live essentially beyond our means. We in North America and Europe expend 80% of the energy available from stored resources, and the other 81% of the world get the rest. The problems are going to surface first, as they are at this moment, in the poorest regions, and then spread. When it gets to us, the poorest and least prepared will suffer first and the richest and or most prepared will, if they survive the wars for our resources, will be the last to go. Again, the call to action is about how to transition mankind back to pre-Taker cultures living on the energy available from the sun, on a yearly basis. If we do not look critically at this sort of information and realistically assess the situation we will find ourselves unprepared for the 'adjustments' that are coming. Yes, people have been saying this for a long time. But, yes, they are correct. And yet we still aren't prepared. We still drive our cars, fly in our planes, live in our air conditioned houses, eat our bananas shipped in from South America by a ship powered by oil, eat our fish caught in the polluted oceans from fishing boats powered by oil, heat our homes with oil, light our electric lights or furnaces, or play games on our fucking computers that are all created from oil and powered by electricity which is produced in the main by burning fossil fuels. Hydro power alone cannot supply the current needs. Neither than the solar cells, which by the way take thousands of pounds of earth being dug up to get several ounces of the minerals to create the cells, and those panels are made from precision machined parts, which were created by machines powered with oil. The cotton shirts we wear were picked by machines powered by oil, transported by trucks burning gasoline and oil to plants somewhere where they were spun and woven by machinery driven by oil. Fertilizers are made from oil, pesticides are made from oil, and even though they don't kill the bugs we aim at, we continue to pour more and more fossil fuel based chemicals on them to increase production to meet the demands of our McCulture. Oh yes, Peak oil is important to you. You'd better believe it. Go try and heat your house with Hemp. Get from your house to your friends houses 10 miles away on a hemp powered vehicle (maybe a horse would do for a substitute, do you have horses?) And just because the extreme edges of both outmoded 'wings' of the political thought are talking about the coming problems, doesn't mean that it isn't true. If anything the fact that the INFORMED leftists, and the INFORMED right wingers are concerned, panicked even, should give us dolittles in the middle (or at some elevated point beyond politics) some food for thought. Maybe it goes beyond politics to plain old concern about survival. But, maybe it's all just talk, maybe. Maybe it is silly ass to think about the past, the present and the future, but ignoring what's going on in the real verifiable observable world isn't going to save us, cause we just won't be prepared. If you think of six billion human dead as an adjustment, then you've probably been watching too much fossil fuel based television. Again, I wish you good fortune. Ev


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